100% Natural.

100% Locally Owned.

Our Story

Crazy Dog is a local family run business that was started back in 2008 because of our Cocker Spaniel, Willow. Willow had severe allergies to kibble and anything processed. We switched her to a raw diet and immediately saw a difference. Willow competed in dog sports and needed treats for rewards. The need for a natural treat was the beginning of our journey into dehydrated treats and we started dehydrating our own liver. Others at the classes were interested in what we were using and asked if we could make some for them because their dogs loved them too. This was the start of Crazy Dogs! The name Crazy Dog came from our dog Whisper who really was Crazy!

Shawna started the business in her kitchen and soon had to move to the garage due to demand. Here, Crazy Dog developed a variety of treats including our signature Honey Beefers™. Due to the high price of premade raw, Shawna started sourcing her own proteins and doing it herself. Seeing that she could do it for much cheaper, she decided to start offering it to her customers.

In 2015 Shawna became ill and was hospitalized. Over the next year and a half she was in and out of hospital. That's when her brother Kevin stepped in and took over until she was able to return. This resulted in Kevin becoming co-owner. Over the next year business boomed and we outgrew the garage and moved it to our present facility in Mount Uniacke. With the help of our employees we continue to produce high quality treats and affordable raw food for all our customers.