Fort Wood Farm Goat Milk Bites


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Why feed Goat Milk Bites to your pet?

  • Natural Multivitamin – contains essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats
  • Easy to digest for pets with sensitive stomachs – no added ingredients, just 100% goat milk – a single ingredient is great news for allergic pets and those on food elimination trials
  • Pasteurizing milk isn’t “bad”, it is simply different than fermented milk products
    • Our pasteurized goat milk is safe enough to feed to nursing goat kids. A nursing goat kid could not consume fermented goat milk products, they would get sick!
  • Low temperature pasteurization is similar to steaming vegetables. The temperature that the milk is pasteurized at (63 C), is lower than the temperature required to destroy vitamins and proteins (83 C) and is actually lower than the temperature that vegetables are steamed at!
  • Local Nova Scotian product – lower carbon footprint than out of province products
  • We respect the 5 freedoms of animal welfare – my professional career was veterinary medicine and animal welfare with the NS SPCA
  • Transparent farming – you can find actual footage of our animals and farm on social media, we also will do tours by appointment.
  • Our farm practices “kid sharing” – the moms and babies remain together after birth and we share the milk produced! This is a growing trend in UK ethical dairying.
  • We know our goats by name – check out our “meet the goats” page


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